Remodel Gallery

Remodeling is the lifeblood of Ogata Construction. We have built our reputation on creatively reconfiguring existing space. It starts with the ideas generated from talking with our clients about what they want. Then we make it happen with quality design and solid, award-winning craftsmanship.

Additions Gallery

Lots of people never consider an addition to their home because they think it will be impossible or too expensive or both. Let us be the judge of that. Our experience with additions often shows that they can be more cost-effective than a complete remodel or (gasp) trying to find another home.

Cabins Gallery

We love building cabins because we can combine our quality design and building skills with materials that reflect and enhance the surrounding environment. Integrating a log cabin feel with beautiful fixtures and creative space usage is a challenge that always results in a remarkable, comfortable dwelling.

Miscellaneous Gallery

Ogata uses only the highests quality fixtures, materials, and building practices. We are committed to environmentally sound, low-impact construction and remodeling. And we are regarded by our clients, and our competitors, as one of the best companies at managing the challenges of modern construction.